Blockchain Vacancy Trends Report, May 2020

CK QLS are specialists in Blockchain recruitment. Each month we survey the trends in the Blockchain job market in different parts of the world that CK recruits for. This monthly update provides a simple measure of market sentiment based on vacancy numbers in Switzerland.

January to March 2020 have showed stability and resilience in the Blockchain vacancy market in Switzerland, hovering around the 206 number for jobs. However, April saw a significant increase, with more than 280 jobs now available within the market.

This data represents strength and some real optimism in Switzerland, particularly when contrasted with the US market (which has seen a fall of almost 900 live vacancies) and the UK market (which has halved within the last month). Given the impact of lockdown measures within these countries, this fall is unsurprising.

For those still hiring, the use of video based technology for screening and hiring candidates is likely to be a useful tool. You can read some of the benefits of conducting video interviews here, or get in touch with us to find out how we can facilitate the setup of remote onboarding for your business here.

The data captured in this report is based on the number of Blockchain vacancies advertised on LinkedIn on the first working Monday of the month, and therefore does not give a full representation of the job market. It does, however, represent a snapshot in time to indicate general market sentiment.

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