Find your next contract or temporary life science job with us

If you’re looking for a flexible working lifestyle, contracting could be the answer for you.

Our consultants have over a decade of experience helping specialist professionals like you find jobs with some of the world’s most innovative pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and engineering companies. We are committed to helping you find the right temporary or contract job quickly and easily, as well as supporting you personally throughout your assignment.

Whether you are an experienced contractor or a recent graduate, we will help you maximise your potential.

Why think about a contract or temporary position?

Contracting on a temporary basis in the science market gives you the opportunity to gain experience in different environments using diverse skills and techniques. If you are looking for flexibility or the opportunity to broaden your skill base then this type of work may be perfect for you.

If you are a recent graduate, taking on temporary work can be a great way to get your foot onto the career ladder and quickly gain the experience you need to progress. If you are an experienced professional, contracting can be great as it offers a uplift in salary and the flexibility to work to your own schedule. You can choose to work on various projects where your skills are required.

Why contract with CK QLS?

We take our name seriously – CK Quality Labour Solutions.

This means that we focus on providing the very best service, as well as peace of mind. Our experienced team help to provide contractors with a range of quality job opportunities and comprehensive support to work how you want. We offer:

  • Flexible employment. CK QLS employ you for the duration of your project and take responsibility for paying into your pension, paid annual leave and employers taxes, making contracting as simple as possible so that you can focus on the project at hand
  • Sub-contract or freelance options. If you have your own company or operate as a freelancer, CK QLS can also engage with your business this way too.
  • Thorough screening. You can be assured that you are part of a high-quality company with other contractors on site that are all working to a very high standard.

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