Why become a Contractor?

Make the right career move for you

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Keen to gain experience in a different setting and learn some new skills?

Do you have expertise that can be utilised within a new organisation which is not required in your current job role?

Or perhaps you are in between jobs and considering a contract role for the time being?

CK QLS may be able to help…

Whether contracting is your preferred way of working or you are looking for a stop gap, contracting offers variety, opportunities, diversity in roles and sometimes just a short-term solution.

Contracting gives you a degree of freedom, with choice over the contracts you choose to complete, the length as well as the location of the contract, flexibility within work, and the ability to choose what best suits your personal circumstances.

Contracting gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and gain an understanding of different work cultures and often the pay rate can be a higher rate than a permanent position.

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