Top 5 reasons why January is a good time to job hunt

January and February are probably the best months in the year to begin looking for a new role. January can have a slow start in the first few days but then by the second week, the pace has picked up and more vacancies start to appear on the job boards.

Take a look at our top 5 reasons for job hunting in January and February:

  1. It’s the start of a New Year. Organisations have set new yearly targets and are keen to kick start their new projects. In turn Hiring Managers often need to start recruiting so departments can attain those goals.
  2. Companies have new budgets. January is most often the time when the yearly budgets reset and are occasionally augmented enabling the organisation to reach it’s financial targets. Hiring Managers with new budgets will be looking to take on their next employees and when it comes to salary negotiations it is far better to negotiate when the Hiring Manager has a new budget than when it is depleted.
  3. Motivation is high after the holiday season and desire to make a change in 2020. After the December break often people often return back to work with a renewed energy and zeal to attain career goals. Now is a good time to make that dream into reality while you have the motivation.
  4. People tend to resign in December. After re-evaluating their role after another year and waiting just long enough to receive the end of year bonus, people often hand in their notice in December. Hiring Managers know this is the case and when January comes they are keen to fill these positions quickly meaning there are often more available job roles on the market than at other times of year.
  5. Greatest number of decision makers are in the office. Having most likely just had a number of weeks off in December, most people are back in the office for a couple of months. This means that those key decision makers who will say yes to salary decisions etc will be available and the whole process should be much quicker.

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