Why use video screening?

Did you know that we use often use video screening to allow candidates to answer pre-interview questions in a short video?

We realise that a CV only tells part of a story and it’s impractical to meet every candidate to get the full picture. Candidates sometimes need much more than words to convey their interest and excitement for the job and the company.

While candidates are able to showcase their excitement and personality, the company can take a deeper look into their candidate’s body language and personality to see if they would fit in culturally.

This new video screening tool is an effective way for clients to be able to assess which candidates will be the best fit for their organisation pre-interview and allows candidates the opportunity to prove that they should be shortlisted for interview.

This software was built for busy hiring managers, video screening can reduce the time to hire. It’s really simple:

  • Select your candidates, set your screening questions and send the shortlist to your recruiter– it takes 20 seconds!
  • Candidates can record their answers on an app or laptop as your questions pop up one by one, at a time and place that suits them!
  • Watch the video responses at your own convenience from one simple dashboard and share the answers with colleagues for their opinions.
  • Decide on who you want to meet and bring in only the best candidates!

If you would like any more information about this service contact us here.

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