World Health Day 2022: Our planet, our health

World Health Day is held and celebrated annually on the 7th April, organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

This year, World Health Day is focusing attention on the urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy, as WHO estimates that 13 million deaths annually are as a result of avoidable environmental causes.

The climate crisis continues to exacerbate health issues in humans, with cases of heart disease and cancer, as well as obesity, continuing to rise. It is also contributing to:

  • 90% of humans across the globe breathing unclean air
  • Plastic making its way into the deepest oceans, and even our food chain
  • Mosquitoes carrying diseases farther and faster than ever before
  • Increased greenhouse gas emissions from unhealth food and drinks manufacturers

The Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted issues and inequalities in our world. The current design of our economy distributes wealth and power unfairly, leaving too many people living in poverty without access to proper healthcare and leading to even more avoidable deaths.

Shifting to a well-being economy would put ecological sustainability, equity and human health at the forefront. It would help to break destructive and damaging cycles, by putting in place legislative action and incentivizing healthier choices.

Both the climate crisis and pandemic have highlighted the power of science, and how effective healthcare can heal our world.

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