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Clinical Operations Coordinator Job – Basel

We have a great opportunity for a Clinical Operations Coordinator to join a company in the drug discovery industry in Basel: The position is offered on a contract basis for a duration of 12 months initially. Previous clinical research experience within pharma or CRO at an international-global level. Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced […]

CK QLS celebrate SECO License first anniversary

This time last year CK QLS AG were awarded the much awaited SECO License. We were delighted to receive this award as it’s vitally important that recruiters in Switzerland operate with a valid SECO license. This license protects our clients and our contract workers and we take our responsibilities seriously. In the 12 months that […]

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Job der Woche: Qualitätsingenieur – Hägendorf

Wir bieten eine interessante Stelle für einen Qualitätsingenieur an im Standort Hägendorf. Als erfolgreicher Kandidat/in werden Sie sich in einem weltweit führenden Unternehmen in der Medizintechnikbranche anschließen, auf Vertragsbasis bis Ende 2019. Sie setzen Ihr Kenntnis und Erfahrung des Quality Engineering ein, um Produkte und Prozesse des gesamten Produktlebenszyklus effektiv zu entwickeln, zu übertragen und […]

Latest Job: Clinical Wearable Technologies Expert

We have an exciting opportunity for a Clinical Wearable Technologies Expert to join a global well being company at their site based in Basel. The position is offered on an initial contract basis to the end of 2019. Responsible for day-to-day delivery of digital health projects to the satisfaction of our internal stakeholders. Act as […]

Job of the week: Automation Engineer

We offer a great opportunity for an Automation Engineer to join one of the leading medical devices companies in Switzerland. The position is offered on a contract basis until the end of 2019. As the ideal candidate you will have a background in visual technology for automatic identification of products in the line. You will […]

Job of the week: Development Engineer

We have an exciting opportunity for an Development Engineer to join an international healthcare company at their site based in the canton of Basel. The position is offered on a contract basis until the end of 2019 with a strong possibility of an extension. The ideal candidate for this role will have sound experience in […]

Job of the week: Human Factors Engineer

We have an exciting opportunity for a Human Factors Engineer to join a global healthcare company at their site based in Zuchwil. The position is offered on a contract basis for 6 months with a strong possibility of extension. The main purpose of this role is to support front-end ethnographic activities, including observational research and […]

6 Ways Managers Can Help Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Your staff are your strongest asset. The benefits of having healthy and happy employees are endless. Predominately, happy and healthy staff are proven to be more motivated, productive and take less sick leave, which in turn makes them more profitable. Likewise, happy staff will become your biggest advocates, not only bringing in clients but also […]

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6 Ways to Manage Your Work Stress

Work is one of the main stressors that can lead to chronic stress if not managed effectively. Work stress not only affects our job satisfaction, but many other aspects of our life. In fact, a quarter of us let this stress affect our health and 16% of us allow it to compromise our relationships. Letting work […]


Change in regulations promoting training and development opportunities for temporary workers

Today temporary workers receive much fairer treatment than in previous years. Temporary workers are now covered by the CBA and receive a pension fund as well as the chance to develop their skills through training and career development opportunities. Since 1st April 2019, there has been a change in regulations promoting the training and development […]