Change in regulations promoting training and development opportunities for temporary workers

Today temporary workers receive much fairer treatment than in previous years. Temporary workers are now covered by the CBA and receive a pension fund as well as the chance to develop their skills through training and career development opportunities.

Since 1st April 2019, there has been a change in regulations promoting the training and development opportunities for temporary workers. Now after completing a 12 month contract, temporary staff will receive contributions towards training and development for courses such as language, occupational health, safety and continuing personal development.

What does this mean to you?

Not only do you have dedicated temporary staff who have spent 12 months or longer within the team, but you also have temporary staff who are developing their skills and utilising these within the workplace, at no additional cost to you.

What does this mean to temporary workers?

Along with gaining valuable experience whilst completing their temporary contract, temporary workers will be developing their skills in other areas, which will have a positive impact on their employ-ability. Additionally, CK QLS make the employment contributions to pension, FAK, accidental and illness cover, making working a temporary role even more stable and attractive to the worker.

CK QLS are here to ensure that when you hire a temporary worker through us, they will receive adequate support during their contract, as well as a pension and social tax contributions and training opportunities.

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